Portable and Mobile LED Lighting solutions have developed at a fast pace in recent years as LED technology has improved to generate significant amounts of light from relatively low power requirements. Global market leaders in LED lighting, Ritelite designs and manufactures a wide range of portable and mobile LED lighting products which are used in many applications worldwide.

The benefits of mobile and portable lighting are much greater than traditional methods of lighting. Lighting industrial applications, construction sites, and sports applications using traditional fixed lighting sources require a mains power source and can be inefficient, costly, and for some tasks simply unachievable.

Mobile and portable LED lighting solutions are reliable, versatile, and effective and can easily be moved from one location to another fulfilling any lighting requirement, enabling work or play to continue safely throughout the night or darker evenings.

What is the difference between the terms “Portable” and “Mobile” lighting products?

The terms “Portable” and “Mobile” are often used interchangeably when it comes to non-fixed lighting products. At Ritelite, however, we define products either as Portable or Mobile based on the below criteria

Ritelite Portable Lighting Solutions

  • Easily carried by one person – low weight and highly portable
  • Primarily battery powered or powered by a RITE-POWER Battery Generator
  • Products are either task lights or area floodlights with a maximum 4M height
  • Easy and compact and transport multiple units in a car

Ritelite Mobile Lighting Solutions

  • Able to be manoeuvred on wheels easily by one or two people across different terrains to set up in different locations
  • Can be powered by mains power, petrol or diesel generators, or RITE-POWER Battery Generators
  • Lighting towers designed to illuminate a large area from over 4M height
  • Compact to store with multiple units able to be transported in a van or lorry

What are Ritelite’s Portable and Mobile lighting products?

The different Ritelite products that would come under the categories of “Portable” and “Mobile” Lighting are:

Portable Lights

Mobile Lights

What are Portable and Mobile lighting products used for?

Portable and Mobile lighting products are used in many different applications and are designed to work virtually anywhere where light is needed; in any location and on any terrain. Common industry sectors where Ritelite products are used are:

In general portable lighting is often used in applications where the light might need to be set up quickly or to be carried some distance. Battery power is mainly required for portable lighting solutions due to remote location usage, products used as portable field lights for sports, or the fact that the product is being used as it is carried e.g. a torch.

Mobile lighting products including the Ritelite mobile lighting tower ranges in general illuminate a larger area from a greater height with more light (lux) than our portable solutions. They are designed to be robust to support the full in-use height of the product which for the Ritelite Quad Pod mobile lighting tower is 6.5M. This means they have a larger footprint than any of the Ritelite portable lighting products when set up to create sufficient stability. Whereas our portable lighting solutions are often battery powered, Mobile lighting products such as Ritelite’s Quad Pod and K45 lighting towers can often be powered by a few different power supplies including mains power (110v or 240V), diesel or petrol generators or Riteite’s RITE-POWER range of battery powered generators for increased flexibility and versatility.

An Area Lighting Solution for Every Application

Ritelite’s product range includes solutions for every Area Floodlighting application.
Approximate 20 lux average comparison figures of our key products are below to give some guidance for customers as to which product will be best for their application.

Average lux

What are the benefits of using Portable and Mobile lighting solutions?

When you are working on any project or playing sports in the evening or through the night, having a sufficient lighting source is crucial. Regardless of industry, working or playing in low-lit conditions can be hazardous and dangerous.

Portable and Mobile lighting solutions have many key benefits relevant to any industry or application:

  • Powerful lighting coverage. All Ritelite products are designed to give the maximum light output possible which via bespoke beam-controlled lensing we direct to the required surface minimising glare and lighting pollution. Find out more about Ritelite BEAM CONTROL

  • They are flexible and versatile and used to light up any area anywhere; on any terrain and in any location. Products are either easily carried or easy to push into the required position. Light can be easily and quickly adjusted if the work area changes.

  • Fast, easy, safe, and intuitive to set-up. With easy set up guides no special training is required.

  • Easily transported. All Ritelite lighting products are designed for easy and safe transportation.

  • Low noise. All Ritelite lighting products have been designed to work with battery power sources ensuring that they are super silent (crucial in e.g. rescue operations) and give off zero emissions making them perfect for both indoor or outdoor applications

  • Durable, Robust, and Weatherproof; designed for the environments they are used in and built to last for many years.

Who are Ritelite? and Why are Ritelite’s Portable & Mobile LED lighting products so unique?

Who Are Ritelite?

Ritelite (Systems) Limited are a global market leading manufacturer of professional and industrial mobile and portable area lighting and power systems.

The design and manufacture of high performance, high efficiency mobile and portable lighting and power solutions have been the basis for our global success for over 35 years.

We are flexible; we think outside the box. Using cutting edge technologies we work very closely with our customers to understand their applications, continually developing products to meet new customer and market requirements.

Portable Lighting

Ritelite’s Portable lighting range encompasses lighting from handheld torches and work lights to easily carried area floodlights designed to fit onto many tripod solutions.

All Ritelite LED portable lights are:

  • Quick and safe to set up and use
  • Highly portable & easy to carry across any distance or terrain enabling them to easily be set up as temporary floodlights or portable field lights
  • Able to be powered by batteries with multiple battery options for increased run time
  • Low weight designed for maximum flexibility
  • Designed for many applications with most products able to be set up to provide 180°-360° illumination
  • Designed with adjustable light levels to increase run time and ensure required illumination levels can be achieved

Mobile Lighting

Typical mobile lighting products designed for large area work use standard available luminaires designed for specific applications. This typically results in poor illumination performance as well as low power efficiency in many mobile working applications as the lighting cannot be optimised for each different work situation.

In addition, grid power is not often available in locations where lighting is required. Power efficiency without compromising illumination performance is therefore a critical requirement of any remote area, mobile working application.

For over 35 years, Ritelite products have been designed specifically to solve the challenges of remote area mobile working. It is what makes us and our products different.

Ritelite products have a different development history compared to most typical mobile lighting products which often originated as “add-ons” to power generators and without any in-depth lighting knowledge. Ritelite products, on the other hand, have always been designed to be highly mobile, suitable for use in any remote work area location and to replace typical fossil fuelled generator powered solutions with battery power.

With a minimal carbon footprint, Ritelite’s mobile lighting towers offer customers silent, reliable, robust, safe solutions that are a true alternative to road towable diesel-powered lighting towers that are commonly seen used for remote area working. When powered by Ritelite’s battery powered generators there is no noise pollution.

The Ritelite Product DNA

Since day one, using a finite source of energy, our engineers have been challenged to focus on achieving the highest possible illumination performance, for the widest range of work applications and with the highest possible power efficiency. Decades later being “green”, power efficient, and environmentally friendly have rightly become important factors in the design of all kinds of products.

Ritelite has been designing our products according to these values for 35 years, it’s part of our design DNA, part of our ongoing vision, and what makes Ritelite products so unique for all portable and mobile lighting applications.

Choosing Ritelite portable and mobile lighting solutions ensures that you have the maximum performance, safety, power efficiency, and return on investment possible.


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