Ritelite LED lighting solutions for maintenance, security & inspection applications are uniquely designed to give users

Beam Control


Focus all the light on the required work surface with bespoke beam controlled lensing ensuring glare and light pollution are minimised.


Ritelite use high quality LED technology to ensure our lights are as efficient as possible maximising energy savings and duration of battery life whilst providing ultra bright high powered LED light.


All Ritelite lights are flexible and versatile enabling them to be used in multiple locations across a work site both indoor and outdoor. Portable and mobile, compact to store and transport.


Ritelite lighting solutions are able to be operated silently either with inbuilt highly efficient lithium batteries or via the RITE-POWER portable battery generators.


Waterproof, Dustproof & shatterproof, Ritelite lights are designed for the harsh working environment of the construction and industrial industries.


All Ritelite lights are built to last and to perform exceptionally for many years. We use high quality component parts and all products are designed in the UK by Ritelite’s experienced R&D team.

Ritelite’s LED portable worklights are the ideal lighting solutions for temporary lighting in Maintenance, Security and Inspection applications. Robust, reliable and virtually maintenance free, Ritelite has LED solutions for almost every application, task and area requiring illumination.

The Ritelite portable worklight range of K8, K9 & K10 products offer users superb inspection torches and work lights that are lightweight, last a long time on one charge and have adjustable beam control to enable the products to be used as both a spot light and a floodlight. The K9 and K10 have inbuilt tripods to extend the worklight to a 1.8M floodlight providing one product for all applications with the K10 also able to illuminate a 360 degree area.

The Ritelite linear floodlighting product range offers users unique LED solutions for walkway and perimeter lighting that can provide lighting over a long distance from one power source. Ritelite’s multi-functional area floodlights can illuminate large areas either from the K35-LITE or K45-LITE portable area floodlights or at an even higher level of illumination from the Quad Pod or K45 mobile lighting towers. Easy and safe to put up and use and compact to store and transport, Ritelite’s area floodlights offer users ultra bright, ultra flexible solutions for any remote application

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Portable and Mobile LED Lighting solutions have developed at a fast pace in recent years as LED technology has improved to generate significant amounts of light from relatively low power requirements. Global market leaders in LED lighting, Ritelite designs and manufactures a wide range of portable and mobile LED lighting products which are used in many applications worldwide.

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