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Beam Control


Focus all the light on the required area with bespoke beam controlled lensing ensuring glare and light pollution are minimised to surrounding houses or roads.


Ritelite’s  lights are designed to be as efficient as possible to maximise energy savings and duration of battery life whilst providing ultra bright high powered LED light.


All Ritelite lights are flexible and versatile enabling them to be used in multiple locations across any event both indoor and outdoor. Portable and mobile, compact to store and transport.


Important for any event, Ritelite area lighting solutions are able to be operated silently when powered by the RITE-POWER range of portable battery generators.


Waterproof, Dustproof & Shatterproof, Ritelite lights are designed for use in any weather conditions on any terrain.


All Ritelite lights are built to last and to perform exceptionally for many years. We use high quality component parts and all products are designed in the UK by Ritelite’s experienced R&D team.


Quad Pod mk5

K50 & K65 Quad Pod Mobile Lighting Tower

A high power mobile outdoor floodlighting solution for events.

The Quad pod is a unique mobile lighting solution for events. Designed for use as a true alternative to towed lighting towers yet quick to and simple to deploy, the Quad pod K50 & K65 lighting towers are compact to store and transport and are easy to manoeuvre across many terrains. The High power LED Light heads give instant, flicker free, illumination to a vast area and can be configured to give either 180° or 360° light. Powered by mains or generators the Quad Pods are robustly designed for many event applications.

K65 Southstar Event
Quad Pod Accessories



K45 360 Mobile Area Light

A Professional, Compact, High Power LED, Multi-Function Mobile Area Lighting System.

The K45 is a flexible, affordable lighting solution for a multitude of events where floodlighting is required. With a working height of 4.5m the K45 changes the rules of how you an effectively and efficiently deploy lighting by providing either 180° or 360° degree of high power LED light to illuminate any area. The K45 is compact to transport and store, deploys at the push of a button and gives 85,000 lumens of instant flicker free light. Safe to operate and robustly designed, the K45 can be manoeuvred over any terrain.

K45 Events Page Image 1
K45 Events Page Image 2
K45 360 Accessories

K45 Lite

K45 Lite

K45 360 Lite & Ultra-Lite

An Ultra Lightweight, Portable, High Power LED, Multi-Function Area lighting system

The K45 Lite & Ultra-Lite products provide unrivalled and optimised illumination of any event site in a flexible, affordable package that is lightweight and split into easy to carry modules. Providing up to 85,000 total lumens of high power LED dimmable light the K45 lite incorporates Ritelite’s industry leading triple head design enabling both directional 180°or 360° head deployment. Three light head options are available to meet all weight, cost and illumination requirements.

K35-LITE Image 1
K35 K45 Lite Accessories

K35 Lite

K35 Lite

Ultra lightweight, simple, LED Multi functional area lighting system.

The K35 LITE is a light weight LED area lighting system that provides instant area floodlighting for any area. Simple to set up and use, the K35 LITE provides up to 40,000 lumens of instant white light that can be directed to wherever light is required. It can be supplied with either an indoor or outdoor tripod and extends up to 3.5m high. The K35 LITE is available as either 110V or 240V input so suitable for multiple applications.

K35-LITE Events Page Image 3
K35-LITE Events Page Image 2
K35 K45 Lite Accessories

Portable and mobile LED floodlights are essential lighting solutions for events, providing versatility, convenience, and significant energy savings to event organisers when compared with alternative lighting options. Typical events applications for the Ritelite range of area floodlights include walkway and car park lighting, general area lighting for outdoor or indoor events, and lighting during the construction and deconstruction of marquees.

One of the primary benefits of portable and mobile floodlights is their ease of use and flexibility. These lighting solutions are designed to be easily moved and adjusted to suit the needs of the event. They are compact to store and transport, can be set up quickly, and can be adjusted to create the desired lighting effect, whether it be focused 180-degree directional lighting or 360-degree area floodlighting. They are easy and safe to operate without the need for any specialised equipment or expertise, minimising the amount of time and resources required to set up and run an event.

Another key advantage of portable and mobile floodlights to the events industry is their ability to provide lighting in areas that may be difficult to access. All Ritelite’s area lighting solutions can be moved to any location, making them ideal for outdoor events or large indoor spaces and for events that take place in multiple locations or venues, as well as events that require a quick setup and tear-down time.

Ritelite’s portable and mobile floodlights are also energy-efficient and cost-effective. Unlike traditional lighting solutions that require a significant amount of energy to run, these lighting solutions use LED technology, which is much more energy-efficient. This means that they consume less power and produce less heat, making them an environmentally-friendly choice that can save event organisers significant money on energy costs. All products can be powered by Ritelite’s RITE-POWER portable battery generators offering further energy savings as well as zero emissions and zero noise – a definite positive for any event or temporary illumination requirement.

Portable Battery Powered Generators

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