The Sports-LITE’s can be set up anywhere on all types of pitches, quickly and easily. Perfect for grassroots clubs for a fast affordable solution for winter training.

  • Portable floodlighting easy to transport & carry – 9.6kg per light
  • Battery powered 2 hrs 20 min duration per charge
  • 3m height perfect for training
  • 22,000 equivalent lumens
  • Kit options for all training requirements

Quad Pod K65

Clubs wishing to compete in FA competitions and in the National League System must achieve the required lighting standard, 8 of the Quad Pod units offer clubs a 200 LUX system for competitive match play without the requirement for planning permission.

  • Compact to store & easy to manoeuvre – will fit through standard doors
  • Powered by Mains Power, Generator or RITE-POWER battery generators
  • 6.5m height for high power floodlighting suitable for match play & training
  • 266,000 equivalent lumens
  • Adjustable light heads to meet all training requirements

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We searched for  a winter training light solution and after narrowing it down to 2 I spoke to Steve who was very informative and gave me confidence in the product thet Ritelite was the perfect option. We went ahead and ordered 20 lights from them.

They are superb, easy to setup, I have all 20 rigged up with 4×5 way chargers for easy access charging.

15 mins before training, the boys and girls turn up and take one light each and setup all 20 around the full sized pitch. The lights last for 2 hrs 10 mins so covers our 2×1 hr training sessions. Even within these covid restrictions , we have managed to provide a solution for 12 teams training on a weekly basis.

Great solution, one that Brooklands Gragons JFC is proud to have made.

Martyn, Brooklad Dragons JFC

A great produt which is easy set up and taken down from the back of your vehicle. They allow you to train on certian areas of the pitch which can allow you to work on specific positions. A great product and I would highly recommend.

Glenn, One Touch Football

This was the first time that these lights had been used ad Middleton Rangers U13 Girls took full advantage of playing under the new Ritelite floodlight system. There was plenty of light to cover half, a fullsize 11 v 11 pitch. They were so bright it could be seen from a good distance. The girls had no issues with not being able to see the football(s) and they stayed bright for the full two hour session.

Andy, Middleton Rangers

The new portable lights have transformed the training resources and capabilities of the club as we look to support participation for our 164 playing members. The clubs development continues and this year in particular with younger age groups now stepping up to participate in organised fixtures with more pitch time required for training sessions. As with many community clubs cognisance of wider community activities and other sports clubs can drive the available times that players can train. This means that our traditional training nights of Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays are in demand and allocating space during winter months is a never ending challenge. With our portable lights we can offer additional times and space helping to alleviate this issue . The success of this project is there to be seen with the take up  and use of the lights even greater than we had first envisaged with our young players and coaches loving the ability to train on grass.

Mike Mackie, Gullane Athletic F.C.

As the dark nights come in, the floodlights have allowed us to put on extra training sessions on the grass which has increased participation.

Frank Standing, Kinmel Bay FC

Willingham Wolves FC is based in Cambridgeshire and have around 300+ players from under 6 to adults, we were looking for a solution to help us provide winter training at the club as we did not have the facilities to provide floodlit training. Winter training was only possible to hiring venues outside the village which was not practical. Having looked at some options the club felt that Ritelite provided the perfect solution with its Sports-LITE – The club applied for grant funding with the Football Foundation and the whole process from start to finish was perfect, Sophie and Brett were amazing and kept us updated on the progress of our order which during 2020 and all the problems with Covid 19 was really appreciated. When the Sports-LITE’s arrived, they were soon put to use, the players were really impressed by them and how easy they are to set up and put away. The battery life is exceptional too, over 2 hours of bright light. The introduction of the Sports-LITE has been a major asset to the club, used by every team and the players love them.

Willingham Wolves FC

After as many storms as I can remember, we managed to get the boys out on the grass under the new lights. We are very impressed with the purchase and would recommend anyone looking to purchase lights that they use this product.

Calderglen FC, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire
I’ve been around and coached across two continents from grassroots to professional and have never been able to find a portable flood light that projects light well enough at much more affordable price. Compared to spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on an artificial pitch with large towers. The quad pods do all of this and make the experience brilliant. We are already on planning on purchasing 4 more so that we can have 8 around our pitch and safely host fixtures!

Additionally, the customer service we received was fantastic, Stephen Webb and his team were brilliant. Right from the first contact, through to the demonstration on a dark cold November night several hours away from their headquarters, to finalising the order. This product as allowed us to expand our sporting provision so much and enhance our products further. Thank you Ritelite!

Paul, Culford School, Bury St Edmunds


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Football Foundation

Football Foundation Portable Floodlight Grant

Portable floodlights are a cost-effective way of allowing your organisation to train during the hours of darkness using your own facilities. The Football Foundation will accept applications for new portable floodlights from a reputable dealer.

Football Association Guidance for Lighting

The following table shows the lux level guidance given by the Football Association for different levels of play.

Ground Grade / Step League Level Eave Emin Emin / Emax Requires Testing
Grade A (Step 1) Conference 250 lux 100 lux 0.25 Every two years
Grade B (Step 2) Conference N & S 180 lux 100 lux 0.25 Every two years 8 x Quad Pod units = 200 lux Eave
Grade C (Step 3) 120 lux / 180 lux new* n/a 0.25  Every two years
Grade D (Step 4) 120 lux / 180 lux new*  n/a 0.25 Every two years
Grade E (Step 5-4) 120 lux / 180 lux new*  n/a 0.25 Within 6 months of application
Grade F (Step 5) 120 lux / 180 lux new*  n/a 0.25 Every two years
Grade G (Step 6) 120 lux / 180 lux new*  n/a 0.25 Every two years
Quad Pod & Sports-LITE Made in the UK