Why is the Sports-LITE the best portable sports light for football training?

The football season runs through the winter months yet many clubs struggle to train during the darker evenings due to the lack of light for their training sessions.

Many clubs are forced to hire local floodlit pitches to keep their teams training however with costs of electricity continuing to increase this is getting increasingly costly for members not to mention the fact that it is not always possible to get the same training slot or that parents and coaches often have to drive further to a floodlit location. Temporary football field lights provide the answer and
over the last 3 years clubs and organisations throughout the UK and further afield have addressed their requirement for flood lighting for football pitches by purchasing one or more Ritelite Sports-LITE training kits for football lighting.

The Sports-LITE Training kits are the ideal solution for grassroots football training sessions. Ultra-bright, low-weight, and easy to set up and use, these portable rechargeable LED lights for football fields are revolutionising training for many teams and clubs extending training sessions, enabling more children to be trained each week, and reducing the cost of training for clubs and families.

5 reasons why your club needs a Sports-LITE Training Kit for Winter Football Training Sessions


Save money on hiring a floodlit pitch

  • Keep funds for other uses
  • Reduce costs for players


Keep training sessions at home pitch/ground

  • No additional travel

  • Can keep the same training day/time

  • Less hassle for players and parents


Train on any part of your football pitch/ground

  • Keep training off the match pitch

  • Set up any sized training area needed

  • No planning permission is required


Compact and easy to store, transport & charge

  • Comes with waterproof carry bags

  • Fits easily in cars for transport

  • Compact to store in a container or garage or lock up

  • Easy to charge batteries


Superb illumination of any football training session

  • Even coverage across the football pitch

  • Low glare

  • Low light pollution to neighbouring houses/areas

UK Funding options to help purchase a Sports-LITE Training Kit

With many grants available to help grassroots clubs in the UK with the initial purchase cost, the numbers really do add up with many clubs earning back initial investment in very short time periods. We have worked with lots of UK clubs and organisations to access grants and funding streams to help with the cost of purchasing a Sports-LITE training kit of up to 75% total cost. Most of the UK grants available are detailed in the link below and our sales team has lots of experience in guiding customers through the grant application process.

Piggy Bank

Costs of running a Sports-LITE Training Kit

With low recharging costs (less than £1 per 8 light training kit) the ongoing running costs of running a Sports-LITE training kit for football training sessions are very low for grassroots clubs. This combined with the fact there are zero emissions, zero noise, and zero trailing cables make the Sports-LITE a very safe product for all temporary football field lighting with a minimal carbon footprint.

How does the Sports-LITE give such fantastic light that covers a full pitch so well?

The Sports-LITE has been designed using Ritelite’s unique beam control concept. Bespoke sports lensing ensures that the light is evenly distributed across the pitch without any dark spots and without any light being wasted into the sky or surrounding area (or neighbouring houses) as you can see in the below image.

Sports-LITE - Lighting Area

By positioning the Sports-LITE evenly around a football training area visibility will be maximised for training enabling football players to perform to their full potential during training sessions. The high 20,000 equipment lumens of light produced from each Sports-LITE also allows coaches to better assess player performance and make more informed decisions about team strategy and tactics. This can lead to improved team performance and better results on the field.

This beam-controlled focusing also maximises battery capacity enabling each battery to last over 2 hours and 20 minutes at full light output.

Flexibility – Safety – Speed

Since the Sports-LITE LED lights for football fields are battery-powered, they are highly mobile and can be moved to different areas of any pitch without any hassle. This flexibility allows teams to customize their lighting setup and simulate different game scenarios, enhancing the training experience and better preparing players for real game situations.

The Sports-LITE’s are safe to use, with no trailing cables to cause a trip hazard they are easy and safe to set up and have in-built safety features including an anti-trap, soft descent aluminium tripod. Waterproof to IP65 they can be used in any training environment including rain or snow!

The compact and lightweight design of the Sports-LITE makes them easy to transport between training sessions or venues in the supplied waterproof carry bags. They are quick to set up in under 1 minute per light by one person. They are also very compact to store when not in use and multi-bank battery chargers are even available to charge up to 6 lights at once from one plug socket to ensure the lights are quickly charged and ready for the next training session.

Customer Testimonials

We have had fantastic feedback from customers ever since this product was launched as you can see in the testimonials below:

Testimonial - Glenn - One Touch Football
Testimonial - Andy, Middleton Rangers
Testimonial - Martyn, Brookland Dragons JFC

From a recent survey sent to Sports-LITE customers, the feedback was fantastic


The Sports-LITE – the best portable sports light for football training

In summary, the Sports-LITE training kits are ideal for any temporary football field flood lighting application for grassroots clubs or organisations wanting to train through dark nights with a very bright, cheap-to-run, safe-to-use sports light that will hugely improve winter training sessions. The sales team at Ritelite can assist with recommendations for any size pitch or training requirement. Please get in contact to see how we can help you revolutionise your training sessions.