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British Designers & Manufacturers of Professional Portable & Mobile Lighting & Power Solutions

Who Are Ritelite?

Ritelite (Systems) Limited are a global market leading manufacturer of professional and industrial mobile and portable area lighting and power systems.

The design and manufacture of high performance, high efficiency mobile and portable lighting and power solutions have been the basis for our global success for over 35 years.

We are flexible; we think outside the box. Using cutting edge technologies we work very closely with our customers to understand their applications, continually developing products to meet new customer and market requirements.


Ritelite Systems have been designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for 35 years. During this time there have been changes, better described as leaps, in technology and materials. Wet Cell batteries are now currently Lithium Ion Power Packs, this represents around a 500% increase in energy density. Incandescent lamps have become solid state LED chips with around a 1500% increase in performance. At Ritelite we have embraced and celebrated these changes as it has allowed us to follow our design philosophies of providing the best possible solutions for our customers.

Marcus Batty

Managing Director of Ritelite Systems Ltd

The Ritelite Product DNA

When you purchase a Ritelite lighting product you are buying into Ritelite’s specific design philosophy behind every product to provide the highest level of “usable light” to the widest range of work task situations. We manufacture products which are:

What makes Ritelite the best partner for mobile lighting and power solutions?

For permanent lighting and power applications, solutions can be individually designed to suit each specific installation. Mobile working brings many more challenges as the equipment needs to work in a wide range of different situations.

Typical mobile area work lighting products use standard available luminaires designed for specific applications. This typically results in poor illumination performance as well as low power efficiency in many mobile working applications as the lighting cannot be optimised for each different work situation.

In addition, grid power is often not available. Power efficiency without comprising illumination performance is therefore a critical requirement of any remote area, mobile working application.

For over 35 years, Ritelite products have been designed specifically to solve the challenges of remote area mobile working. It is what makes us different and we would like to explain why:

Ritelite products have a different development history compared to most typical mobile lighting products which often originated as “add-ons” to power generators and without any in-depth lighting knowledge.

Our very first products, were designed to be highly mobile, suitable for use in any remote work area and to replace typical fossil fuelled generator powered solutions.

The solution was battery power. Using a finite source of energy challenged our engineers from day one to focus on achieving the highest possible illumination performance, for the widest range of work applications and with the highest possible power efficiency.
Decades later, being green, power efficient and environmentally friendly have rightly become important factors in the design of all kinds of products.

Ritelite have been designing our products according to these values for over 35 years starting with our very first portable lighting products. ..... it’s part of our design DNA, part of our ongoing vision and what makes Ritelite products so unique for all mobile lighting and power applications.

As a designer and manufacturer of our own batteries, battery charging systems, LED drivers and LED light modules, our in-depth, in-house knowledge gives us full control over the design of all critical components of our mobile lighting and power solutions.

Choosing Ritelite mobile lighting and power solutions ensures that you have the maximum performance, safety, power efficiency and return on investment possible.

Key dates in the history of Ritelite Systems

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Achilles UVDB - Silver Plus
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Ritelite partners Speedy Hire at Local Railway venue to demonstrate our sustainable rail lighting and power solutions

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