Sustainable Rail Lighting and Power Solutions

The high performance and flexibility of Ritelite’s products enables them to be used in many applications globally and temporary rail lighting is one application where the product range excels.

The diverse range of Ritelite’s high-power LED lighting products are designed for maximum area illumination, flexibility and safety. Our unique beam-controlled lensing technology focuses all the light on the work area minimising light pollution and energy consumption. All products can be battery powered with either in-built lithium batteries or supported by our RITE-POWER range of battery powered generators enabling emission free, noiseless, low-carbon footprint projects.

Ritelite’s use of cutting-edge technology in both lighting design and battery efficiency makes our product solutions exceptional for addressing the unique challenges posed by temporary rail lighting scenarios worldwide. Whether lighting tunnels, open tracks or illuminating access points and welfare areas, Ritelite delivers sustainable, high-performance solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of global rail lighting applications.

Key features of Ritelite’s Rail Lighting and Power Solutions

Products designed for real world scenarios

Through strategic partnerships with key customers such as Speedy Hire, Ritelite harnesses the insights of key customers such as Network Rail, fostering a symbiotic relationship between design and end-user needs. This close collaboration continues to fuel the development of bespoke solutions tailored for temporary rail lighting projects.

By addressing the specific needs outlined by end-users, Ritelite ensures that its final product solutions not only boost efficiency and safety but also adhere to a zero-emission, low carbon footprint ethos. This proactive engagement with customers empowers Ritelite to engineer products that not only meet stringent industry standards but actively promote environmentally responsible practices in the sphere of temporary rail lighting.

Explore our recent collaboration day with Speedy Hire, showcasing Ritelite sustainable rail lighting and power solutions in real-world scenarios.

Find out more about the development of some of Ritelite’s LED Lighting products

Ritelite’s LED Lighting & Power Solutions for the Rail Industry

PROLINK Linkable Floodlights

– ultra efficient LED linkable track lights

PROLINK Safety Shift

– High power linkable LED floodlight head with in-built battery

K21 Gantry Light

– Optimised beam controlled floodlight for high uniformity track illumination


– High power, portable, multi-functional 360° Area floodlighting system


– Mobile 4.5M High power LED lighting tower

Quad Pod

– Mobile 6.5M High power LED lighting tower

RITE-POWER Battery Powered Generators

– silent, emission-free portable power solutions for LED lighting and site tooling


– LED portable torch / work light system for patrol and inspection


– Portable LED torch / work light system with in-built tripod for remote working


– Multi-function LED 360° area lighting system for all remote work tasks

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