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Ritelite partners Speedy Hire at Local Railway venue to demonstrate our sustainable rail lighting and power solutions

Last month Ritelite, in collaboration with Speedy Hire, jointly undertook the task of illuminating a local railway venue. Our innovative LED lighting solutions, designed for Rail applications, successfully lit up lit up over 400M of track showcasing the potential of our products in real-world scenarios powered 100% by battery power with 100% zero emissions.

The event presented a fantastic opportunity to not only deploy our cutting-edge solutions but to also demonstrate their efficacy along both open tracks and within a tunnel. Seeing the products “hands-on” and in action offered Speedy Hire and their customers a tangible display of the diverse lighting and power product options available for their rail projects. Additionally the occasion provided an ideal setting to engage in discussions surrounding the sustainability of Ritelite’s Rail lighting solutions and an opportunity to discuss new product developments and innovations integrated into existing LED systems generating some great discussions and further product development ideas.

The entire site operated seamlessly on the silent, zero-emission power of Ritelite’s RITE-POWER range of battery generators, leaving minimal carbon footprint. These unique portable power systems, currently in daily use across the Rail network, align with sustainable practices. Together with our high output, low energy usage rail lighting solutions, they play a pivotal role in supporting the strategic goals of Speedy Hire, Network Rail, and other rail operators as they actively work towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Products demonstrated at this event include:

PROLINK Linkable Floodlights

– ultra efficient LED linkable track lights

PROLINK Safety Shift

– High power linkable LED floodlight head with in-built battery

K21 Gantry Light

– Optimised beam controlled floodlight for high uniformity track illumination


– High power, portable, multi-functional 360° Area floodlighting system


– Mobile 4.5M High power LED lighting tower

Quad Pod

– Mobile 6.5M High power LED lighting tower

RITE-POWER Battery Powered Generators

– silent, emission-free portable power solutions for LED lighting and site tooling


– LED portable torch / work light system for patrol and inspection


– Portable LED torch / work light system with in-built tripod for remote working


– Multi-function LED 360° area lighting system for all remote work tasks

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