The spring of 2020 was an unusual time for everyone worldwide as the coronavirus pandemic impacted everyone’s lives. At Ritelite (Systems) Ltd we used some of the quieter days to push forward with new product development and one of the new products developed was the Sports-LITE training lights ready to launch for this year’s sports training season.

The Sports-LITE training lights have been developed as an easy to operate, store and transport solution for any sports training requirement. From working with our customers over the years we understood that lighting for training needs to be quick and safe to put up; ideally not need any external power source; and that it needs to provide superb light that evenly lights the playing surface without producing too much glare to affect the players.

With in-built lensing specific for sports, no trailing cables, no need for generators and able to be set up anywhere on any surface, the Sports-LITE ticks all the requirement boxes and has been designed in a modular way so that it will work for almost any sport for training. The lights are available in kit form from 2pcs to 10pcs or more if required and are supplied with all components neatly packed in robust carry bags for ease of transport and storage.

Power has always been an issue for training lighting for clubs. Generators are noisy and require cables to connect to lights and mains power is not often available on a training pitch. The Sports-LITE training lights are powered by rechargeable lithium battery packs, designed to last for over 2 hours duration, requiring no trailing cables and creating no noise. These charge within 6 hours ready to play again the following evening with spare battery packs available for increased usage.

Having created the Sports-LITE training lights that we felt met the requirements of our customers we wanted to show customers how great the lights actually are and as lockdown measures were lifted put the Sports-LITE training kits through demo training evenings with a number of different sports including football, rugby, netball, cricket nets, tennis and RC cars. The product was fantastic in every application as these photos show. Orders are now flooding in and we can’t wait to see the kits in use very soon. See more photos of the product in action at Sports-LITE Training Kit

Sports Lite Training Kit Football
Sports Lite 10 Training Kit
Sports Lite Training Kit Tennis
Sports-Lite Netball
Sports-Lite RC Cars