Frequently Asked Questions about the Sports-LITE Training KitSports Lite

We fully appreciate that you may have some questions about the Sports-LITE Training Kit’s that we haven’t been able to cover on our main product pages. We have written down some of the questions that we have been asked about this product and the answers that we have given and hope that these help to answer any queries that you might have about the Sports-LITE product and its application for different sports. If you have a question that we haven’t covered please do not hesitate to contact us either via our contact us form or by directly emailing [email protected]


The Sports-LITE Training kit comes complete with everything you need to set up the units including tripods, light heads, batteries and even carry bags.  There are options to include fence post adaptors and 5 bank chargers too, please talk to us using the contact number on the website to discuss further accessories available.

The tripod is designed to extend up to 3M and with an extra wide footprint is one of the most stable in the market, even up to 25mph winds!

Sports-LITE tripod

Each Sports-LITE weighs a total of 11kg. The light head weighs 4.5kg and the tripod 6.5kg.

For peace of mind, the Sports-LITE comes complete with a 1 year repair and replace warranty on all electrical parts and 5 years on all metalwork.

The Sports-LITE is waterproof to IP65 and suitable for use in all training conditions.

The Sports-LITE’s can be stored within average sized storage cupboards, club houses, small containers and other small storage storage areas that are available.

There is no light bulb. The light head is made up of lots of LED’s within a module which has been designed to be lightweight, efficient and to last longer than other light fittings on the market.

The Sports-LITE high energy density battery ensures a duration of up to 2 hours 20 minutes can be achieved from a single charge.  For longer training sessions the battery is replaceable so another 2 hour 20 minute battery can be installed to get a total duration of 4 hours 40 minutes at a time.

Your Sports-LITE battery will show its state of charge (SOC) via the 5 LED display on the battery. When the battery power on button pressed, the LED’s will show the charge level. The single red (power on LED) and four green LED’s indicate the battery is fully charged at 100%. As the battery discharges the green LED indicators will gradually go out in approximately 20% stages. When the red LED indicator shows, the battery is low and those relying on the light should finish the task in hand so they aren’t suddenly left in darkness. At approximately 5% SOC the red LED will flash. When the battery is completely exhausted no LED’s will show until the battery is placed on charge again.

The 200wh lithium battery takes 5.5 hours to charge from flat to full capacity. We recommend keeping your batteries fully charged ready for use.

You are able to charge the batteries in a well ventilated area at any time of the day when they are not in use ensuring the batteries will always be ready to use for that unexpected training session at all times.

Each Sports-LITE is delivered with a mains battery charger per light head. Multibank charger options are available to enable charging 5 units at once from one power socket.

Yes each Sports-LITE Training Kit order will be delivered with an Operator’s Manual which will explain all details of how to operate the product. User set up video’s and the manual are also available via QR code directly from each of the Sports-LITE light heads.


No planning permission is required to install the lights, however it is worth speaking to residents to ensure they are happy with the lights you are using.  The Sports-LITE’s ‘beam control’ light beam system has been designed to minimise light pollution into neighboring properties as you can see in the below image, yes there are houses in the background of this tennis image!

Sports-LITE Tennis

Each pair of tripods can be setup with a single person in less than 2 minutes, even a full pitch of 14 lights can be setup in less than 5 minutes with 4 people!

No, the tripod is one of the most stable in the market and is rated to withstand winds of up to 25mph.  There is an additional stability bag set available as an accessory to enable the Sports-LITE to be used in winds of up to 35mph, however the players may not want to play in these conditions!

Yes it is possible for 1 person to set up the Sports-LITE training kits. Each pair of tripods can be set up with a single person in less than 2 minutes.

This is one of the commonest questions that we get asked and the answer depends on many factors including:

  • The size of the area you are playing on
  • The number of people that will be playing
  • The number of training sessions you will be running during an evening period
  • The level of lighting you require
  • Your budget

Below are some of the common kit sizes that we supply for different sports.

  • Football
    • 2 Kit – Goalkeeper practice
    • 4 Kit – 5-a-side pitch
    • 6 Kit
    • 8 Kit – 7-a-side pitch / Half adult size pitch
    • 10 Kit
    • 12 Kit
    • 14 Kit – Full adult size pitch
  • Netball
    • 2 Kit – Net practice
    • 4 Kit
    • 6 Kit – Full court
  • Rugby
    • 4 Kit
    • 6 Kit
    • 8 Kit – Half pitch area
    • 10 Kit
    • 12 Kit
    • 14 Kit – Full pitch
  • Cricket
    • 8 Kit – Twin net practice
    • 10 Kit – Triple/quad net practice
  • Tennis
    • 6 Kit – Youth level training – single court
    • 8 Kit – Adult level training – single court
    • 8 Kit – Youth level training – twin court
    • 10 Kit – Adult level training – twin court
  • Running clubs
    • 6 Kit – 300m track area
    • 8 Kit – 400m track area
  • RC Car Racing
    • RC Car racing tracks vary in size. Please feel free to call our experienced sales team for recommendations for your track.