Ritelite recently made delivery of 42 Sports-LITE Training Lights to one of our biggest grassroots football single site customers – Corby Sports Development Centre, marking a significant milestone in the journey of this remarkable facility.

The story of Corby Sports Development Centre is one of determination, community spirit, and a deep love for the game. Founded in late summer by local Corby resident Alex Kavanagh, a dedicated coach at Corby Town and Corby Warriors, the centre’s mission was to transform the recently closed Corby Rugby Club premises into a football development centre. With long-term plans to expand into a multi-sports facility that includes hockey and netball, Alex’s vision was nothing short of inspirational.

Initially funded almost entirely by Alex, the centre has quickly become a training hub for local clubs fostering a great sense of community. The centre also has future plans to add a café and restrooms, making it an inviting place for families.

What fuels this incredible initiative is a shared belief in the transformative power of sports for children. Alex’s unwavering passion for the centre is fantastic, and the joy he derives from seeing young players train and play is contagious.

Thanks to the acquisition of Sports-LITE training kits, supported by a Football Foundation funding grant covering 75% of the investment cost, the centre is now capable of hosting up to 32 teams per week training through the darker winter evenings.

“ We are providing a facility to help local teams. We have 6 different clubs training across 7 different age groups. We are currently very close to full capacity and whilst it is one of those things that you never want to turn someone down we are also getting very close to the winter and one of the drawbacks with grass pitches is that you need to protect the pitches so it is important to limit play on the pitches whilst maximising the ability for people to train over the winter. The portability of the Sports-LITE lights means that we create flexible training areas e.g half a pitch rather than a full pitch.” Alex Kavanagh.

To hear more from Alex about this fantastic facility, watch the accompanying interview.

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