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Ritelite (Systems) Ltd Supporting Speedy Hire Plc

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Rite-Power range 110V

Battery packs for power and light. E.g. one man lift 10 lights for 11hrs to 7000wh 3kva generator replacement

Prolite Beam Control

100m of light and one man lift battery pack. 110V connections for generator or battery

Prolink Safty Shift

Self Powered version of the Prolink Beam Control. 12 hour duration or emergency backup.

Quad Pod MK5

New mark 5 beam control Quad Pod. 1200W more light output than generator road tow towers.


4.5m height from small ground footprint. Provides excellent illumination of large areas.


Beam Control high power area lighting. 4 units will cover 50 lux minimum over 4 lanes at 50m spacing.


Area work light for trolley or work area.


An Ultra-Lightweight, High Power, Multi-Function Area Lighting System

K45 Lite

One man lift. 360º and 180º lighting solutions. ‘Take the light to the task’ versus options for battery or generator power


Battery powered area light with new low weight lithium option


360º area light with various tripod options

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