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K9 Portable Work Light


K10 Work Light


Prolink Saftey Shift

Prolink Safty Shift

Rite-Power 7000 1750

Rite-Power Battery Generator


Speedy Product Code 22/0189

  • Trolley Mounted
K9 Portable Work Light

Key Features & Benefits

  • One Work Light Suitable For Every Task
  • Integrated Tripod System With 1.8m Working Height
  • Always Ready When You Need It Using The Mobile Charging Option
  • Unrivalled Performance To Size/Weight Ratio
  • Lightweight Lithium Battery Option For Increased Portability
  • Adjustable Beam From Spot To Flood
  • Accidental Overload Protection
  • Extension Cable

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  • Trolley Mounted
K10 Work Light

Key Features & Benefits

  • Power Functions – Light output can be dimmed from 8% to 150% and regulated as needed. Boost function to increase light output to 150% for detailed tasks where as much light as possible is required
  • Integrated tripod – As with the K9 Worklight, the K10 comes with an integrated, quickly deployable tripod to allow the light head to be raised up to 1.8M high. This compact tripod solution ensures the K10 can be used in a variety of different applications without the need for additional equipment. The K10 also has in built stabiliser legs to give enhanced stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Flood and Spot lensing – The K10 is fitted with Ritelite’s unique diffuser to enable users to switch between a wide flood beam or a focused spot beam as required or even a combination of both. Each headlet can be switched between the different beam angles to enable the user to create their optimum light effect for the application and maximum flexibility.
  • Multi-charging options – The K10 charges from 12V, 24V & 240V supplies making it flexible around the customer’s requirement. All units have battery monitoring software to monitor battery and charging status and battery levels are clearly indicated on the K10 light to indicate duration left before re-charge is required.

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RITE-POWER Industrial Portable Battery Powered Generators

Speedy Product Code: RP1750 – 35/0543 | RP3850 – 35/0561 | RP7000 – 35/0598

  • Open Track
  • Tunnels
  • Storage / Welfare Yard
  • Access Point
  • Trolley Mounted
Rite-Power 7000 1750

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ultra flexible, reliable portable power supply for any remote power location
  • Powers Ritelite lighting products and other compatible equipment including tools
  • Silent, fume free, safe operation for indoor and outdoor use.
  • No fuel requirements, rechargeable lithium batteries
  • No maintenance requirements
  • Highly portable and able to easily be removed from site avoiding security issues
  • Long duration solution for weekend work
  • Rugged, strong and designed for industrial environments
Optional pass through power transfer system

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