Quad Pod Mobile Lighting Towers Light Up the Track at Crystal Palace

Ritelite K65 Quad Pod Mobile Lighting Towers have recently been purchased by the Greenwich Leisure Limited as a temporary lighting solution to enable the newly renovated track to be used in the winter evenings at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre was opened in 1964 in Crystal Palace Park on the same site as the former FA Cup Final venue that was used between 1895 and 1914. One of 5 national sports centres, the ground is managed by Greenwich Leisure Limited for the London Development Agency (now GLA Land and Property). The stadium that has a 15,500 capacity, and track are currently being refurbished as part of a £60M project to renovate the complex over a 3-4 year period. Permanent lighting will eventually be installed but the purchase of the Quad Pod K65 Lighting towers will enable the complex to continue to operate during the refurbishment project.

The unique beam controlled lensing system of the Quad Pod K65 lighting towers enables all the useful light to be focused where it is needed, on the running track. As you can see from the photographs there is no light pollution or glare that would affect spectators in the stands and the track is able to be evenly and uniformly lit with no dark spots. When not needed the Quad Pods are able to be fully lowered and wheeled away to store, fitting through a standard door for compact storage.

The feedback we have had from the venue has been fantastic.

Ritelite have been an extremely knowledgeable and professional business to deal with. The Quad Pod mobile lighting towers supplied to Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, have provided an excellent level of illumination across the stadium allowing training and other activities to be undertaken over the winter period and into the darker evening hours. The choice of quality materials used to manufacture the lighting units, the approach to their design and the manufacturing process, has been very well considered. We are genuinely pleased to have purchased these lighting towers. Philip, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. 

The Quad Pod is highly flexible and can be used for any sport or event. Able to be powered by either mains power, diesel or petrol generators or RITE-POWER battery powered generators the Quad Pods are a highly efficient mobile lighting system with approximately 70% lower light pollution than typical lighting tower designs and the light heads can be positioned for 180° to 360° illumination to maximise applications.

For more information about the Centre please visit Crystal Palace National Sports Centre