A 2021 project for Ritelite’s Export department was the sale of K65 Quad Pod Mobile Lighting Towers to SG Quelle, Fürth, Germany to assist their members continue training through the dark nights. It is great to receive the positive feedback below from the club and to see the lights in action.

“The Gustav-Schickedanz-Sportfeld on the sports facility of the TV Fürth 1860 now shines in the evening hours in a brilliant light. Due to the tense space situation due to a steadily growing number of teams and training sessions, the club had to work out solutions for the football department in a timely manner, especially for the dark season. An additional lawn area was available and floodlights were to be used to provide a quick remedy. However, the construction of a new stationary floodlight system is associated with bureaucratic hurdles and imponderables that promised no implementation in the near future. But also in view of the upcoming extensive new construction plans and redesign of the sports grounds in the coming years, a short-term and short-term construction project moved out of focus. The search for alternatives led us through the partner Sport Kübler to the provider of mobile systems Ritelite Systems ltd. (Stamford, UK). It only took a single evening demonstration by Representative Kevin Thompson to completely convince activists and officials of the lighting system.  

QuadPodSince mid-October, just in time for the dark season, the athletes in Fürth have been able to look forward to the expansion of the training areas thanks to a mobile floodlight. With four floodlight poles, which can be moved like a handcart and transported to the desired location, the sports field is now illuminated for training purposes. Additional masts would only be required for use in competitions. Construction and commissioning are self-explanatory and can therefore be handled by everyone after a short briefing. Only for the mechanical cranking to release and lower the masts it requires a certain perseverance. Here it would be desirable if there were an electronic solution for retrofitting in a timely manner. Thanks to the economical and dimmable LED lighting, a 220V power supply from the socket is sufficient. Due to the existing property in Fürth, however, several hundred meters of weather-resistant extension cables had to be calculated and laid in this case.

For the largest grassroots sports club in Fürth with almost 4000 members, the mobile facility of the company Ritelite Systems ltd. is nevertheless the ideal solution. Available at short notice and without bureaucratic effort, the mobile masts represent the perfect interim solution. Currently and in the coming years in predominantly stationary use, the floodlights will nevertheless be versatile at any time with manageable effort and in many places also a “highlight” at other sporting and social events in and for the club.”

Bernd Winter – SG Quelle