El equipo de diseño de Ritelite se ha enfrentado recientemente al reto de crear una «solución de generador híbrido» para una agencia de ayuda internacional.

El reto consistía en combinar la función de generador principal y la energía de la batería híbrida de forma que se pudiera suministrar energía de forma silenciosa durante la noche, pero también hacer frente a una alta demanda si fuera necesario.

Hybrid Power Generator Solution

The solution was to provide a dual outlet system. One ‘battery hybrid’ circuit to power lighting, charge phones and computers etc; the other ‘generator’ circuit to provide high current demand such as heating and cooking.

The two circuits were then intelligently linked so that they could complement each other to meet the project demands.

The solution also had to include a modular method of distributing power from the Hybrid system to tents or temporary buildings across a site that could vary in demand or complexity.

The equipment includes modular distribution boxes for different power requirements including Warehouse, Office and Dormitory accommodation. The system also has a storage mode to ensure all hybrid elements are maintained prior to deployment.

The Hybrid Generator Solution that the Ritelite technical team designed meets all the required specifications with all components safely stored on one road towable trailer for ease of transport to and across installation sites.

The equipment is quick to deploy with the flexibility of the power distribution units allowing for any type of onsite construction.

Hybrid Power Generator Solution